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Department of the European and Levantine History in the Middle Ages

Chair: Malgorzata Z. D±browska

Department of the European and Levantine History in the Middle Ages emerged from the Chair of Byzantine History in 2005.

At the beginning our team consisted of five persons as shown in the photo from 2007:
myself, Dr Kiryl Marinov, Dr Rafal Korczak, Mrs Agnieszka Kozanecka-Kozakiewicz, Mr Michał Kedzierski (PhD students).

In 2008 Dr Marinov left our group for the Chair of the Byzantine History and in that year Ms Marta Biedrawa joined us as a PhD student. In 2009 Mr Michal Kędzierski became Head of the Center for the University Promotion but he keeps in touch with us without giving up on his doctorate on Andronikos II Palaiologos and the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

At the end of 2010 our interests include the following:

  • Dr Rafal Korczak is working on his postdoctoral thesis, devoted to the rivalry and cooperation between the Kantakouzenoi and the Palaeologoi families in the 13th-15th centuries. I am pleased to know that he will continue my research in this area.
  • Mrs Agnieszka Kozanecka-Kozakiewicz will soon defend her PhD thesis on Michael IX Palaiologos, an eternal co-emperor.
  • Ms Marta Biedrawa has almost finished her research on the image of women in late Byzantine chronicles (12th-15th centuries). The PhD thesis is expected in 2012-2013.
  • As far as I am concerned, in 2007 I began my research on the life and works of Professor Oskar Halecki, a renowned historian of Byzantium in the 14th-15th centuries. I collected the materials in his archives in the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in New York, in Polish Library in Paris and in the Sikorski Institute in London. The fruit of it is the conference organized with my colleagues:
    Oskar Halecki and his Image of Europe (19-20 November 2010). The sequel is already settled for 18-19 November 2011. The third and the last meeting will be held in November 2012. Three books should appear as a result of this.
    I am also working on the history of illegitimate children of the Palaiologoi dynasty. It is difficult to plan the end of this adventure...

There is always an important current work which involves one in other projects. In 2011 I will participate in two German-Polish symposia. The first one, due to happen in Warsaw in March, will be devoted to the 12th century, and I will address (together with Professor Lilie) the Byzantine Empire at that time. The second one will be held in May in Toruń. I will speak about the conciliatory role of Byzantine empresses in the political conflicts. Finally, there will be a Medieval Congress in Poznań in September, where I will speak about the emotional intelligence of Manuel II Palailogos. The year will be closed by the second conference on Oskar Halecki in Lodz.

I was pleased to host in Lodz: Dr Mihailo Popovic from the University of Vienna, Professor Eva de Vries van der Velden from Amsterdam (2009), Dr Ihor Lylo from University of Lvov and Professor Michel Balard from Université Paris 1 Sorbonne (2010). My students and I are expecting Professor Ruth Macrides from the University of Birmingham (2011/2012).

As has been said, I transferred my interest in the Kantakuzenoi on to Dr Korczak, and I shared my Trebizond project with Mr Marcin Cyrulski, my MA student, who is now a PhD candidate in the Department of Classics. The other candidate, from my gifted seminar, Mr Michal Pawlak, is writing his PhD on the illnesses of the Palailogian emperors at the Medical University in Lodz.

All of us meet at seminars, and we are in touch with those who changed their area of studies from the Middle Ages to contemporary history, as is the case with Mr Bruno Kaminski, who is writing his thesis on Yugoslavia after WW2. Some of my students pursue their careers at the University Library (Mrs Justyna Bijak) or in the Museum of the City of Lodz (Ms Magdalena Prasol). Mr Kamil Domaradzki is a teacher in a secondary school in Warsaw. Mr Adam Szczepański and Mr Łukasz Sylwestrzak are successful businessmen.

I have conducted my MA seminar since 2000, and I am delighted to say that I supervised 26 projects dealing with a very difficult area. Last year I supervised six BA students. These numbers say that I do not live in vain.

As for the courses, my syllabi are on the webpage of the Institute of History at the University of Lodz. The same goes for Dr Korczak. CV and bibliography can be found on the same webpage:

We are at your disposal in the Institute on Wednesdays 12-13.30 (myself) and Thursdays 10-11.30 (Dr Korczak) or by appointment by telephone: (+48) 426356204.

The Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies registers my bibliography every year. Please, see the webpage:

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